Chromecast audio setup

Today I’m going to show you the new addition to the family the chromecast audio. It was in the box set up to a speaker system and I will give a quick demonstration of how it works.

chromecast audio setup

The google chromecast audio features :

  • High fidelity streaming audio from cloud
  • Wireless control anywhere in your home
  • Multitasking
  • 2.4 / 5 Ghz Wifi with adaptive antenna
  • support for Android, Windows, IOS, Mac, Chromebook
  • Support for RCA , 3,5mm, Optical

How the chromecast audio setup?

  1. Unboxing your chromecast audio and you must have this parts : chromecast audio setup
  2. Connect the 3.5mm audio cable into speaker jack and chromecast jack: chromecast audio setup 3.5mm aux
  3. plug the usb power cable :how to setup chroemcast audio

Open device manager on your smartphone. Choose your chromecast device, then tap on setup : chromecast audio setup iphone windows 10 androidPress setup once again : chromecast audiowith iphone windows 10 setup

Play test the sound -> i heard it : chromecast audiowith iOS setup

Set the chromecast device name : chromecast audio with iOS setup guideSet WIFI password : chromecast audio setup wifi password with iOS

Done, your chromecast is connected to your smartphone. chromecast audio setup with iOS

Now your chromecast setup has been finished, you can cast your smartphone audio to chromecast.

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