descargar la extensión Chromecast ipad

chromecast app for ipad setups

how to download chromecast extension? Por lo que este proceso es bastante fácil. So the first thing that you want to do when you have got your Chromecast plugged into your TV and ready. chromecast app for ipad

Go to Ipad setting : chromecast app for ipad download

Go to WIFI network and select chromecast connection : chromecast for ipad setup

You can download chromecast app for ios by follow this link : download chromecast app for IOS. Please follow installation guide on there. Open the chromecast app, and you will see this : chromecast for ipad setups

Press the next button at right corner screen, select one of your TV connection : chromecast for ipad setup smart tv HDMIPick a name to identify your connection : chromecast app for ipad setup guide

Choose one of wifi network and select it : chromecast app for ipad setup

Enter the wifi password : chromecast app for ipad setup

The chromecast will be setup automatically : chromecast app for ipad setup IOS

The Chromecast setup for IPAD has been finish : aplicación Chromecast para configuraciones ipad

Now you can mirror your Youtube or netflix and other app which support to chromecast from your Ipad to HD TV. Thanks for your visits. Please share it!!!!

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